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How to Cope with Being Fired

It happened: you got terminated from your job. Maybe you knew it was coming, maybe you didn’t. It could feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, or it could feel like you got punched in the gut. Either way, it’s important to press pause for a moment and think about next steps.

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Ready for a Career Transition? Parker Contractor Eamonn Byrne is an Example of Success!

Eamonn found Parker in late 2016, but it didn’t take long for us to realize he was a total rockstar. Shortly after we interviewed him, we were able to align his current interests in data science with a stellar opportunity at Tableau Software in Fremont.

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Can I Have a Two-Page Resume?

So you're updating your resume and you watch as it spills onto a second page. Don't panic! Believe it or not, in the digital age, a one-page resume isn’t a hard and fast rule anymore... but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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How to Write a LinkedIn Summary to get Yourself Noticed

We have answers to common questions that will help you write a LinkedIn Summary worthy of a second look from your network!

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Here’s How Parker Contractor & World Traveler, Korin W., Put Down Roots in Seattle

When the time came to look for a role in Seattle (after lots of travel around the globe), Korin found us at Parker Staffing, and we hooked her up with a receptionist role at a well-known software data company in the Fremont neighborhood. Recently, we were able to ask Korin a few questions about her travels, what she loves about her job, and her advice for those also feeling a bit of wanderlust.

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Tax Season 2017: Your W2 Will Be Sent Out on January 31st

It's that time of year - tax season! We've received a lot of questions already about W2s. If you worked for Parker as a contractor in 2016, your W2 will be sent out by January 31st, 2017.

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Let Seattle’s Best Staffing Agency Help You Find a New Job

Maybe your 2017 goals include tackling the Couch to 5K Program, learning French, or saving $1,000… or maybe your resolution involves a change of scenery – like moving to Seattle, or finding a new job. If a brand new job opportunity is what you’re looking for, consider Parker your key to conquering that New Year’s Resolution!

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Parker Contractor, William Jarrett Says Sharing Happiness is Key to Customer Service Success!

You can call Parker contractor, William “Willie” Jarrett, a Customer Service Wizard. In 2015, William started with Parker as a Consumer Service Representative at Nintendo of America. With his friendly, personable demeanor and his determination to always do better, Willie won over customers one phone call at a time.

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Understanding the Difference Between a Seattle Water Taxi & a Washington State Ferry

The short version? A Seattle Water Taxi is a smaller vessel for walk-on passengers only, but WA State ferries transport vehicles, too. However, there are plenty of other differences between the two - and we've got the scoop!

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How to List Temp Jobs on Your Resume

The question of how to display temp jobs on your resume is nothing new. In fact, our recruiting team sees all sorts of different ways to display contract roles – some good, some bad. Here’s the key to displaying all of your temporary roles on your resume, LinkedIn, and any applications that request your job experience.

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How a Temp Agency Helped Administrative Professional, Jacob, Settle in Seattle

It’s an awfully big drive from New Jersey to Washington, but Parker contractor, Jacob Hubbell, and his brother took the leap and ended up here in beautiful Seattle! Hear about Jacob's new administrative role, his trip across the country, and advice he has for those interested in relocating to the Seattle area!

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30 Years Later: Parker Laced Up for Seattle’s 2016 End AIDS Walk

On September 24th, the Parker Staffing Services team joined 1,350 people in Volunteer Park for the 30th annual End AIDS Walk, hosted by Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Each year, this fundraiser helps Lifelong continue their mission to prevent new HIV infections, eliminate the stigma of having the disease, and support those in our community living with HIV and AIDS.

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