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Consulting Big Names in Tech: An Interview with Todd Orwig, Sr. Director of Ops at The Spur Group

The Spur Group has been a leader in consulting for Fortune 100 technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Dell. Since 2013, they’ve been assisting clients with their go-to-market efforts from their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Todd Orwig, The Spur Group’s Senior Director of Operations. In our interview, we discussed his role, the future of The Spur Group, and some advice for those just starting their career.

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Celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day 2017 with One of the Best

Today is a day to celebrate our unsung heroes of the office. The people who can and do help everyone in a pinch. Yes, we’re talking about administrative assistants!

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Etiquette to Follow for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (TODASTW Day) 2017 is Thursday, April 27th. TODASTW Day is a nationally-recognized holiday that “encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives." Here are some tips to consider if you're interested in participating this year.

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How to Write a Resume with No Work Experience

If you have no work experience, how can you create a resume? It’s a common question, especially for those just starting their career. Our recruiting team shares a few ways to beef up your resume if you have little to no formal work experience.

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Lighting the Way for Business Leaders – An Interview with Tracy Sigmon, Director of Consulting Operations for Archbright

You may know Archbright through their former name, Washington Employers, and recently Tracy Sigmon, Archbright’s Director of Consulting Operations, joined us for a brief interview to discuss what Archbright does, her role, and advice for those interested in business consulting.

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How Can Companies Outside of City Limits Compete with the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance?

As the years continue, eventually every employer in Seattle will be paying $15 / hour… but what does this mean for those companies just outside of Seattle that may be competing for the same talent? How can companies in places like Everett, Bellevue, and Issaquah, keep people employed in their respective cities instead of flocking to work within Seattle city limits?

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What is a Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume is the most popular, widely-used resume out there. In fact, it’s likely your current resume is chronological, especially if you’ve worked with Parker before. Chronological resumes are a sequential list (from most recent to oldest) of all your current/past roles. Educational information and certifications are typically housed in their own section(s), but are sorted the same way – most recent goes first.

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New to the Team: Welcome Clara Evans, On-Site Program Administrator

If you’ve been by our on-site office at Nintendo, you may have spotted a new face! Meet Clara Evans, your Program Administrator for our On-Site Program at Nintendo of America. Working hand-in-hand with our Vice President, Zoe Stamolis, Clara supports our Nintendo Associates everyday.

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Parker Staffing continues to be listed as one of the Best Companies in Seattle!

Staffing Industry Analysts names Parker as one of the best staffing firms to work for.

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How to Cope with Being Fired

It happened: you got terminated from your job. Maybe you knew it was coming, maybe you didn’t. It could feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, or it could feel like you got punched in the gut. Either way, it’s important to press pause for a moment and think about next steps.

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Ready for a Career Transition? Parker Contractor Eamonn Byrne is an Example of Success!

Eamonn found Parker in late 2016, but it didn’t take long for us to realize he was a total rockstar. Shortly after we interviewed him, we were able to align his current interests in data science with a stellar opportunity at Tableau Software in Fremont.

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Can I Have a Two-Page Resume?

So you're updating your resume and you watch as it spills onto a second page. Don't panic! Believe it or not, in the digital age, a one-page resume isn’t a hard and fast rule anymore... but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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