Using SnapChat Advertising to Recruit College Graduates: A Case Study

In the quest to find the best job seekers, recruiters try a lot of different things. Some ideas seem like they can’t lose, but never end up producing. Other times, what starts out as a lark, ends up being a solid idea – this is an example of the latter.

Each spring, job boards become flooded as companies try to hire the best and the brightest college graduates. In this surge of job postings, many jobs become lost in the noise. College graduates can have their pick of the litter, so making sure that your company stands out among the crowd is critically important.Recruiting College Graduates via SnapChat

We had the added challenge of being a staffing agency – while there are plenty of college graduates working as a contractor, very few of them are knocking down our doors the day after graduating. We didn’t have the resources or name recognition that a large corporation brings, so we asked ourselves: how do we get on a graduate’s radar?

Enter Snapchat.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications among college students, with nearly 30% of registered users posting daily. We decided to create a filter that would be centered around a graduation ceremony and as odd as it may seem, it really did work: our filter was seen by over 16,000 people in a five hour period and resulted in a 44% increase to our job board the following Monday – all at a cost of three cents per view.

Hopefully that got your attention. To learn more about how we used Snapchat to drive traffic to our open jobs, take a look at our case study on slideshare.

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