How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

A staffing agency seeks, interviews, and places job seekers into full-time and short-term job openings with companies.  Whether you are seeking your first job in a corporate setting or seek a temporary opportunity to beef up your resume, agencies can be a valuable resource in a job hunt. 

What Does a Staffing Agency’s Recruiting Process Look Like?

Though we can’t speak for every staffing agency out there, this is typically what you can expect from most employment agencies, especially here in the Seattle area.

After submitting your resume – whether for a current opening or just a general resume submission – a recruiter will review your information. They will determine if you are a good fit, based on areas of job placement expertise. In Parker’s case, our areas of focus in the Puget Sound region include: Executive Assistants, Human Resources, Administrative, and Call Center.

If they would be a good resource for your job search, you will likely be contacted to schedule an interview with the recruiter. Your recruiter will guide you through the interview process, getting to know you, understanding your skill-set, and asking you questions about what you’re looking for in your next opportunity – whether contract or full-time. If you interview with Parker, our recruiters will also help you polish your resume, and provide immediate feedback – based on everything from professional appearance to answering key questions appropriately.

If your recruiter happens to have a job opening that you’d be a strong fit for, they will walk you through the job description, seeing if it’s something you’re comfortable being considered for. Sounds like a match? Your recruiter will present you and your resume to the hiring manager, also offering a few key talking points highlighting you, your applicable skills, and your noteworthy accomplishments.

Once the hiring manager reviews your credentials, they will decide whether or not to consider you for their position. If they do, you will likely be scheduled for an interview with them. Post-interview, your recruiter should be in touch to get feedback from both you and the hiring manager. If selected, the employment agency will work out details including pay rate, necessary paperwork, and start date.

What Makes Parker Different?

Parker goes above and beyond to make sure our contractors are prepared and comfortable in each engagement, which translates into success on the job. Our Operations Team will be in touch regularly to check your pulse – Are you happy? Is there anything you need to help you be successful? Can we coach you through any tough workplace situations you may face? You will never feel alone when you work with Parker, as we believe that communication with our contractors is key to their success.

Check out our handy infographic below for a full look at Parker’s recruiting process.

The Parker Process: How a Staffing Agency Works