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Fostering Culture  Company culture is more than a trending article or buzz word. It is often a defining characteristic of success for a company and can either make people believe in the mission or have them exploring other options. In his book Fostering Culture, Shane Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare (our parent company) explores the […] Read More


Many of us are celebrating Presidents Day by kicking back and enjoying the day off, and it’s all thanks to George Washington. To honor our original fearless leader, and the forty-plus men who have followed him ever since, we’ve compiled eight of our favorite motivating presidential quotes for you. Read More


Some call it a small town within the big city of Seattle. Others will call it a haven for Mom & Pop shops. Our Recruiting Manager, Kelli Whitecar, calls it “home.” In the fourth installment of our “Where Parker People Live” series, Kelli takes us into the heart of Greenwood to some of her favorite spots. Read More


Life has certainly been busy for former Parker Staffing contractor, Dasia Altheimer, who just converted from contractor into a fulltime employee for our health-centric client in Bellevue. Read More