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In the coming weeks, we're giving you the run down on everything you need to know about Seattle’s Public Transportation, keeping you prepared when the time comes to commute to your new job in the city. We start today with the ORCA Card. Read More


Washington State Ferry Reservations: How to Guide If you are moving to Seattle you will definitely want to plan a visit to the San Juan Islands in Washington. When planning your trip to one of the islands you will need to utilize the WSDOT Ferries System. To complete your trip plan, you will need to […] Read More


Continuing our series discussing Seattle Transit options, we introduce the Link light rail. Operated by Sound Transit, the Link light rail currently travels between Angle Lake in Tukwila, thorugh Sea-Tac Airport, and up to University of Washington (UW) Station, with 16 stops along the way. But what is ST3 & how will it affect the light rail? Read More


Though there are plenty of bus lanes in and around Seattle to keep transit on schedule, busses can still get caught in traffic, too! The free app, OneBusAway, is designed to provide Seattle transit riders real-time information regarding arrival times of busses (and more)! Read More


Some call it a small town within the big city of Seattle. Others will call it a haven for Mom & Pop shops. Our Recruiting Manager, Kelli Whitecar, calls it “home.” In the fourth installment of our “Where Parker People Live” series, Kelli takes us into the heart of Greenwood to some of her favorite spots. Read More


If you’re new here, you’re in for a real treat. Summertime in Seattle is the best. If you’ve recently relocated to Seattle, allow us to share with you some of our favorite Seattle summertime events. Read More


Are you itching to move to Seattle? You’re not alone. Roughly 1,100 people move to the Seattle area each week, as reported by the US Census Bureau. For many, moving to a new location means finding a new job, but how does someone conduct a successful long-distance job search? Read More


Maybe your 2017 goals include tackling the Couch to 5K Program, learning French, or saving $1,000… or maybe your resolution involves a change of scenery – like moving to Seattle, or finding a new job. If a brand new job opportunity is what you’re looking for, consider Parker your key to conquering that New Year’s Resolution! Read More


The short version? A Seattle Water Taxi is a smaller vessel for walk-on passengers only, but WA State ferries transport vehicles, too. However, there are plenty of other differences between the two - and we've got the scoop! Read More


Some call it a cyclist haven. Others argue that it’s the cleanest and greenest neighborhood in Seattle. Our colleagues, Taylor Engbrecht and Kendra Davison, also like to call Seattle's Green Lake Neighborhood “home.” Read More