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First impressions are important – not just with hiring managers, but with your recruiter, too. The most memorable people, and the ones we're eager to place and present to our clients, are the ones that show up prepared, polished, and dressed for success. Read More


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As a recruiter, I've seen so many resumes. During a solid 8-hour work day when I am actively searching for candidates to fill a specific role, I see an upwards of 200-300 resumes. Here's how to make the right edits that will help a recruiter find your resume, allowing you to stick out among the pack of hundreds of Seattle job seekers. Read More


Recent studies revealed that 52% of Americans are unhappy at work. That's over half of our working nation! Luckily, Seattle's unemployment rate is at 3.6%, which means there has never been more demand for your skills… which is exactly where staffing firms come into the picture. Read More


More than ever before, we're seeing more job openings revolving around customer support – via telephone, email customer chat, social media and in person. The multitude of ways a customer can contact a company has opened the door to new roles in customer service that builds skills that can be utilized on different career paths in fields like marketing, human resources, sales and healthcare. Read More


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