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If you have no work experience, how can you create a resume? It’s a common question, especially for those just starting their career. Our recruiting team shares a few ways to beef up your resume if you have little to no formal work experience. Read More


A chronological resume is the most popular, widely-used resume out there. In fact, it’s likely your current resume is chronological, especially if you’ve worked with Parker before. Chronological resumes are a sequential list (from most recent to oldest) of all your current/past roles. Educational information and certifications are typically housed in their own section(s), but are sorted the same way – most recent goes first. Read More


It happened: you got terminated from your job. Maybe you knew it was coming, maybe you didn’t. It could feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, or it could feel like you got punched in the gut. Either way, it’s important to press pause for a moment and think about next steps. Read More


So you're updating your resume and you watch as it spills onto a second page. Don't panic! Believe it or not, in the digital age, a one-page resume isn’t a hard and fast rule anymore... but here are a few tips to keep in mind. Read More


We have answers to common questions that will help you write a LinkedIn Summary worthy of a second look from your network! Read More


Maybe your 2017 goals include tackling the Couch to 5K Program, learning French, or saving $1,000… or maybe your resolution involves a change of scenery – like moving to Seattle, or finding a new job. If a brand new job opportunity is what you’re looking for, consider Parker your key to conquering that New Year’s Resolution! Read More


The question of how to display temp jobs on your resume is nothing new. In fact, our recruiting team sees all sorts of different ways to display contract roles – some good, some bad. Here’s the key to displaying all of your temporary roles on your resume, LinkedIn, and any applications that request your job experience. Read More


You’re graduating college, trying to get a job, and want to bring value to a company… how can you differentiate yourself and avoid the dreaded “resume black hole” when applying online? Two words: Staffing firms. Read More


In just a couple of short days, the ball will drop and with it 2016 will officially arrive in the Puget Sound, kicking off another round of New Year's resolutions. Consider including a couple of these career-focused resolutions to keep you sharp and further build up your career. Read More


Many Seattle startups and local technology giants find that comfort trumps refinement in the dress code. However, when you have an interview at a place famous for its lax dress code, how should you dress? Read More