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Zoe Stamolis is our go-to expert on seasonal hiring, with many seasons managing our on-site program at Nintendo of America under her belt. When asked about her seasonal hiring plans for 2017, Zoe already has her ducks in a row. If your ducks aren’t even in the pond yet, let alone in a whole row, don’t panic. You can beef up your peak time hiring strategy with these tips from the master herself. Read More


As the years continue, eventually every employer in Seattle will be paying $15 / hour… but what does this mean for those companies just outside of Seattle that may be competing for the same talent? How can companies in places like Everett, Bellevue, and Issaquah, keep people employed in their respective cities instead of flocking to work within Seattle city limits? Read More


Lately, we've seen job seekers make the transition from asking "how much does this pay?" to "tell me why I should work there." With pay and benefits nearly equal, companies in the technology industry have to compete on three primary areas: culture, uniqueness of product, and the ability for them to make an impact on the product. Read More


Seattle’s employment landscape is changing… and quickly, but many employers are having a tough time keeping up. Here are three things you can do to keep in compliance and out of the Office of Labor Standards (OLS) sights. Read More


How have your employees been coping with the Seattle commute? Are you finding it difficult to get people to work for you due to your location? You are not alone. The Puget Sound has some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation... but how is this affecting current & potential employees? Read More


How can the interviewing tactics of SpaceX & Tesla founder, Elon Musk, help you when you start hiring job candidates? Read More


You may be excited for the idea of extra headcount, but perhaps anxious or unsure about one thing – the salary range. Are you building a salary scale that is considered fair in today’s job market, especially a job market as competitive as Seattle? Read More


Retention. It’s a golden word tossed around in Human Resources departments around the country… but in certain industries, keeping retention rates low can be especially challenging. How can companies here in Seattle keep their retention rates high & turnover low? Read More


As the unemployment rate continues to drop and the economy picks up steam, keeping the star performers you have now is the key to success... but what motivates employees to engage? Read More


While the unemployment rate in the country approaches historic lows, uncounted in the rate are roughly 92 million people who have dropped out of the workforce. Do we really have a talent shortage on our hands? Read More