Career Re-defined: Best Jobs for Re-Entering the Workforce

Jul. 11, 2018 Customer Service Jobs, How to get Hired, Seattle Jobs

Temp Agencies as Quick Way In

You may not have heard this, but recently the unemployment rate rose for the first time in a long while. The reason for this? More individuals who had voluntarily stopped seeking work have decided to re-enter the workforce after a long time off and are now being counted among the unemployed. This is a great thing for our economy – but after a long hiatus due to schooling, family, or health, what are the best jobs for re-entering the workforce?

You may not have considered a temporary (temp) job before, but staffing agencies are a great way to get back into the workforce. You become partnered with a recruiter who will work with you to identify the best opportunities. Staffing companies typically have agreements in place to send resumes directly to the hiring manager; think about the convenience of that the next time you spend 40 minutes applying over the internet. Some staffing companies even specialize in high volume, mid-level roles, which tend to value corporate work experience over the specific, specialized requirements of high-level jobs. So, what are those jobs?

Getting Your Foot Back in the Door

You may have heard that gig-work, retail, and food service jobs are readily available, but if you are looking for some experience in a corporate work setting, these may not be the best options to start with. Instead, consider Customer Service roles. Today’s Customer Service Specialist is a multi-faceted role, with phone, chat, and email support working together to deliver a top customer experience. Its no wonder then that Customer Service roles are projected to increase by 5%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hiring managers in Customer Service tend to value the exact skills someone who took a break from the corporate ladder has: the ability to own a problem, dedication to delivering a solution, and a stable work history. Plus, Customer Service roles are commonly the entry role into other departments of the company – do well there and opportunities can open up for you.

One of our favorite stories was with a law-student who decided not to take the bar and instead found herself travelling while she re-charged her focus. Needing money to pay off her student loans, she moved in with a friend and took an entry job in customer service offered by Parker Staffing Services. Her client quickly realized the find, hired her on as a permanent employee, and within a year she had moved to another part of the organization. Her smarts and dedication to learning a new trade is what got her there; something those looking to re-join the workforce have in droves.

Are you local to the Puget Sound area and wish to give Customer Service roles a shot? Take a look at our current openings.