Lisa Glenn

Senior Recruiter


I absolutely love making connections – getting to know people and what really makes them tick. As your recruiter, one of the things I love about my job is learning about your background and knowing exactly where you would be a great fit. The ability to tell a hiring manager “I know the perfect person for this role!” as soon as they tell me about a position is really what excites me. I’m a creative problem solver at heart, always looking to find a solution, even if there isn’t an immediately apparent one. Helping you – and people like you across the Seattle area – connect with others, find a new opportunity, work on your interview skills or brush up on your resume are what keep me energized when I walk into the Parker office everyday!


Before joining Parker, I worked in a variety of industries including education, cosmetics, and oil and gas. Definitely an avid explorer at heart, I grew up in Eastern Washington, have traveled to every state in the US, and have even done some international traveling. My wanderlust didn’t end there. I’ve even spent some time living abroad in New Zealand! Even home here in Seattle, I tend to be the go-to person for restaurant recommendations in the area, as I absolutely love exploring new places in Seattle to eat!

I’ve always been passionate about live music and the performing arts. In my spare time I volunteer with Seattle Theatre Group and try and catch as many concerts as I can fit in to my schedule! When I’m not traveling, seeing a show, or trying out a new café, you can find me cheering on my favorite teams (and not necessarily in this order): Sounders, Seahawks and the Sun Devils!

My curious nature is why I love my job as a Recruiter at Parker. I get to meet new people every day, learning about their experiences, hometowns, and maybe even a new band or restaurant to add to my ever-growing list.

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