Jacob Mahoney


How I Help You

I want to hear about the vision you have for your future and it’s my goal to help you find and utilize the tools to get there.  I love learning the stories that made you the person you have become and how that history has impacted and informed your current objectives.  Your success is what makes me successful!


A Short Bio

I’ve been a Seattleite for a combined total of ten years and my passion – first and foremost – is people.  With a degree from the University of Minnesota, I began a career in banking and investments in Minneapolis which down a long, winding road ultimately led to working in private wealth management in New York City.  While the dazzling lights and culture of the city were beguiling, I missed the snow-capped mountains and serene waterscape that the Pacific Northwest offers in abundance.  I was also at a crossroads in my career where I was seeking an organization where I could put my energies toward making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others.  Working at Parker has been a welcome and auspicious change in that trajectory – and it’s a perfect fit!

In my free time, I enjoy participating in improvisational comedy and traveling as much as possible.  After studying in London during college and having the opportunity to spend time throughout Europe, it’s become an aspiration to explore each continent as much as possible during my lifetime.  I will also unapologetically watch any Meryl Streep movie at the theaters and champion her during awards season and although I have no pets to call my own, I speak fluent dog and cat, to the occasional yet marked chagrin of actual pet owners.