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2018 National Staffing All-Star

Top 5 Most Common Myths About Staffing

There are some common misleading myths that we often hear from our candidates. Below we have listed 5 of the most common myths about the staffing industry.

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Understanding Seattle Transit: What is an ORCA Card?

In the coming weeks, we're giving you the run down on everything you need to know about Seattle’s Public Transportation, keeping you prepared when the time comes to commute to your new job in the city. We start today with the ORCA Card.

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Cory Snively, Ops Manager, Featured in Technology Video

Our very own Cory Snively was recently featured in a video by Swat Systems highlighting our use of their services in delivering a quality recruiting experience.

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Career Re-defined: Best Jobs for Re-Entering the Workforce

You may not have considered a temporary (temp) job before, but staffing agencies are a great way to get back into the workforce. If you are looking for some experience in a corporate work setting, consider Customer Service roles. Today’s Customer Service Specialist is a multi-faceted role, with phone, chat, and email support working together to deliver a top customer experience.

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Administrative Assistant, Grace Talen, ‘Czech’s Our Boxes for the Perfect Parker Person!

After Grace Talen went through the Parker process, Recruiter, Jacob Mahoney, found her a role as an administrative assistant with Northwest Asset Management in Gig Harbor. We had the opportunity to catch up with Grace a few weeks into her assignment. Learn about the work she does, how she felt about the Parker process, and her time studying abroad!

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The Benefits of Utilizing Staffing Firms During Expansion

Expanding is an exciting experience for any company. In times of growth, your best partner could be a staffing firm. Here you’ll find a few key benefits as to why you should partner with staffing firms during expansion.

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Clever Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

For this Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 25th, go beyond the Amazon gift card and find something that will truly show your appreciation. We have some suggestions that may jog your brain for ideas.

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All Aboard! Get to Know Seattle’s Transit and Light Rail

Continuing our series discussing Seattle Transit options, we introduce the Link light rail. Operated by Sound Transit, the Link light rail currently travels between Angle Lake in Tukwila, thorugh Sea-Tac Airport, and up to University of Washington (UW) Station, with 16 stops along the way. But what is ST3 & how will it affect the light rail?

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