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American Staffing Association

2018 National Staffing All-Star

  • 2/16/18

Happy Presidents’ Day! Here’s 8 Motivational Quotes from Former Presidents

Many of us are celebrating Presidents Day by kicking back and enjoying the day off, and it’s all thanks to George Washington. To honor our original fearless leader, and the forty-plus men who have followed him ever since, we’ve compiled eight of our favorite motivating presidential quotes for you.

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Jackson Healthcare Family Values: What it Means to Put Others First

Others First joins the other two values of our family-owned organization: Wisdom and Growth. With our three main concepts, we’re able to incorporate the usual suspects like respect and integrity while also folding in what make the Jackson Healthcare and Parker cultures unique.

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We’re Celebrating Another CSP Certification at Parker – Congratulations Camille Capers!

We’ve kicked off the new year with some exciting news – our Staff Accountant & Benefits Administrator, Camille Capers, is now a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP)!

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Tax Season 2018: Your W2 Will Be Sent Out on January 31st

It's that time of year - tax season! We've received a lot of questions already about W2s. If you worked for Parker as a contractor in 2017, your W2 will be sent out by January 31st, 2018.

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Seattle Transplant, Allison Fecher, Has Two Talents: Music & Recruiting!

Allison Fecher moved to the Seattle area all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana. After facing a recent layoff, Allison discovered Parker Staffing Services, and our Senior Recruiter, Gayle immediately recognized her skill set. Ultimately, her skills and personality were a welcome fit on Swedish Medical’s Talent Acquisition Team, where she is now on assignment as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Inside Sales Jobs?

If you’re an outgoing person, you’ve probably thought about starting a career in sales at least once in your life. Inside Sales is a different kind of hustle; however, as we see Inside Sales jobs on the rise, we also see key qualities and experiences that the most successful Inside Sales professionals share.

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What is Inside Sales?

Simply put, Inside Sales is a remote way seeking out leads and selling a product or service by utilizing technology, automation, and routine, high-touch transactions via mediums like telephone and email.

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Finding a Job After College

For many recent college graduates, the end of summer signifies just one thing: the start of the job hunt! For those of you that find yourself in this group, we’ve collected four helpful tips and considerations as you get ready to find a job.  

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Congratulations to Jessica Dorny, one of ASA’s 2018 National Staffing All-Stars!

The American Staffing Association today announced that Omeros Corporation Executive Assistant, Jessica Dorny, is the 2018 National Staffing Employee All-Star for the Office-Clerical and Administrative Sector. Jessica was one of five individuals selected nationwide to represent their industry for the honor.

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Moving to Seattle? Consider Living in Greenwood!

Some call it a small town within the big city of Seattle. Others will call it a haven for Mom & Pop shops. Our Recruiting Manager, Kelli Whitecar, calls it “home.” In the fourth installment of our “Where Parker People Live” series, Kelli takes us into the heart of Greenwood to some of her favorite spots.

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Why Seasonal Hiring Should be on Your Mind Now

Zoe Stamolis is our go-to expert on seasonal hiring, with many seasons managing our on-site program at Nintendo of America under her belt. When asked about her seasonal hiring plans for 2017, Zoe already has her ducks in a row. If your ducks aren’t even in the pond yet, let alone in a whole row, don’t panic. You can beef up your peak time hiring strategy with these tips from the master herself.

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A Temp Summer Job Between Semesters: A Q&A with Wayana Dolan

Wayana Dolan recently completed her temporary receptionist assignment through Parker; however, right before she left Seattle to begin graduate school, she allowed us to interview her about her experience.

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